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 On December 20, 2013, a single left-wing federal judge struck down Utah's law protecting marriage between a man and a woman. Then Oklahoma, Virginia and other states followed. Now we are moving toward the United States Supreme Counrt. This was the LGBTQ planned strategy.  

Many were shocked that Marriage is under attack in the most conservative state in the union.  The American Leadership Fund saw it coming and is leading the counterattack and has filed amicus briefs in the 4th (Virginia) and 10th (Oklahoma, Utah) Circuit Courts defending Marriage.

ALF is a grassroots, officially registered 527 organization dedicated to fighting Barack Obama and his left-wing cronies anywhere and everywhere he and the Democrats have placed them.  

The battle is building to a big show-down at the U.S. Supreme Court.  But it's not just in the Court of Law we must win.  It's also in the Court of Public Opinion.  And it's ultimately at the Ballot Box.  Who we elect will make all the difference.  Please sign our national Save Marriage Now petition and join the fight in your state!


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Cherilyn Eagar, Director, American Leadership Fund

Cherilyn Eagar, Director


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