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The American Leadership Fund is a political action committee dedicated to fighting Barack Obama and liberal activists working overtime to transform this nation from a constitutional representative republic into a centralized bureaucracy similar to other failed socialist models.  We must elect a president that will appoint judges that understand the original intent of the U.S. Constitution.  

We support the following policies and principles: State and National Soveriegnty, Border Security, Constitutional Originalism, Medical Freedom, Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Principled Leadership, Decency, Parental Rights and Privacy in Education, Local Control of Schools, Marriage, Family, Life, Religious Liberty.  These are the conservative principles for which we proudly stand and upon which every nation throughout history that has remained economically and morally stable has stood.  The fiscal and moral-social issues are inseparably connected.

ALF urges every state to defend states rights against an encroaching federal government, and supports a states' rights strategy to defend its constitutional rights that have been violated through ongoing judicial activism or congressional over-reach.  Most recent grievances are the rulings of circuit courts against state constitutional laws over which they have no jurisdiction, namely the definition of marriage.  The Sixth Circuit Court upheld state bans on same sex marriage because it respects the democratic process, the voice of the people, and it understands that this and other similar displays of arrogant judicial activism are unconstitutional.    Sign that petition today.  

We must win in the Court of Public Opinion and at the Ballot Box. That is the Bottom Line.  Who we elect in 2016 and beyond will make all the difference in this nation's - and our children's - future.  Join the fight in your state to keep this nation strong!  

For more information go to Cherilyn Eagar's blogsite. 

To donate, click on the donate tab or Text "ALF" to 313131 or mail a check payable to American Leadership Fund, PO Box 901483, Sandy, Utah 84090

Cherilyn Eagar, President


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Cherilyn Eagar, Director, American Leadership Fund

Cherilyn Eagar, Director


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